Remote Legal Assistant

It requires a detailed person, skilled in communication, with training and experience in document management interviewing and explaining legal procedures.

Workplace: Teleworking Only from  Colombia or Mexico.

Main functions:

  • Serveas a paralegal
  • Filling out legal forms
  • Regulation research
  • Application of legal concepts to particular cases

Training requirements

  • Ease of speech, writing skills and good typing skills.
  • Persona with training in university careers, in law, or related careers with demonstrable experience in relation to the legal.
  • Experience in the area with more than 5 years
  • Speaking, understanding and writing, advanced English
  • Optional French.

The interested party to have:

  • Current computer equipment, Windows platform preference, webcam,
  • Appropriate place of silent work.
  • High-speed internet access.
  • Flexible schedule, I work 2 Saturdays per month part-time.
  • Knowledge in the use of:
    • Microsoft Office (especiallyPowerPoint)
    • Google Doc.


  • Detail prowess, error detection
  • Great capacity for autonomy, organization.
  • Whena telecommuting chargeis required, a responsible person with high performance and organization is required.
  • Easy communication and excellent teamwork skills.

Full time as a freelancer.

Salary: High average according to the market regionto the

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